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Gregg Rodgers
2nd degree Black Belt

Gregg Rodgers 1.png

I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2003  at the old 393 club in Hillsborough. At that time the highest level belts you could easily train with were blue belts. Purples belt were few and far between and anything above that was a myth. I was awarded my Black Belt in March 2015 by Ben Poppleton, I was extremely honoured to receive my belt from a pioneer of BJJ in the UK.

I also hold a Green Belt in Judo and try to compete as much as possible with the aim of achieving my Judo Black Belt in the future.I have competed in events around the UK in both Judo, submission wrestling and BJJ, and hold medals in various competition styles.


I was part of the Forge from the earliest days and now I am a coach at Rebellion BJJ and can't express how proud I am of the team and the growth which has occurred in the last 10+ years.

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