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Brett Harrison
Black Belt


I started training back in February 2013 at the Forge Martial Arts. A close friend at the time had beaten me up proving how ineffective my striking was when I hit the ground. I very quickly got the bug.

I received my blue belt in March 2014 with 6 other friends (3 of who still train). Blue belt is when I first competed and had some success, this belt was by far the hardest belt.

After receiving my purple belt in May 2016,  I took up a coaching role once a week. Coaching is where I found my true passion within Jiu Jitsu. I received a lot of positive feedback which cemented my desire to teach.

Having now coached regularly for 2 years, I received my Brown belt in October 2018.

My current rank is Black belt, awarded by Gregg Rodgers (under Lucio Sergio) on March 5th 2022.

Coach Brett Harrison: Meet the Coaches
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